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Project Status

A wide-ranging effort is underway to enhance infrastructure at Blount Island and Talleyrand terminals, with upgrades to wharves, on-dock rail, cranes and terminal pavement areas under construction. These capital improvements – made possible by $100 million in federal and state funds – will enable JAXPORT to build the port of the future.

Blount Island Marine Terminal

Berth 35 Wharf Rehabilitation Project

This project was completed in August 2016.

Complete demolition of approximately 1,275 linear feet of existing marginal wharf structure and associated buildings and appurtenances followed by reconstruction of new to provide for an increased capability and capacity for 100 gauge crane operations. 

The project will be inclusive of yet not limited to:

  • WS Railtrack
  • Electrification of the waterfront crane operations provided for by installation of a new load distribution center with switchgear and building
  • 50 gauge electric vaults
  • Panzer belt system
  • 100 gauge electric vaults
  • Water pits
  • Bollards
  • Tie downs
  • Stow pins
  • High mast lighting
  • SS lift station
  • Associated utilities
  • Switchgear building  


  • HDR, Inc. is to provide for design and services during construction
  • Hall Electrical Engineering, Inc. is the sub-consultant for the electrification component of the project
  • American Bridge is the Prime Contractor for the project


Blount Island Marine Terminal

Purchase of New 100 Gauge Ship-to-Shore Container Gantry Cranes

JAXPORT's new 100-gauge cranes arrived in August 2016 and became operational in December 2016.

Design, construct, transport and commission three 100-gauge container gantry cranes to service larger ships expected to call on JAXPORT in the immediate future.  Cranes will be able to service 22-wide container ships, handle 65-long ton loads and are powered by electricity.  They are equipped with state of the art electronics and computer systems to monitor and track individual container movements and provide superior performance.


  • Chicago Bridge and Iron (CB&I) prepared the design criteria package which established the performance characteristics required for the design-build contractor to provide in the finished cranes.  CB&I also oversaw the design process and currently monitors/inspects the construction of the cranes.
  • Shanghai Zhenhau Heavy Industries Co., Inc. (ZPMC) is the prime contractor for this project.  ZPMC's headquarters is located in Shanghai, China.

Current Status:

The three gantry cranes have completed endurance testing in Shanghai and are being prepared for shipment to Jaxport.  They are expected to arrive in the first week of August and are expected to be fully operational in November 2016.